The Rotary Club of Huntingdon in conjunction with Waitrose recently held its annual Christmas Trolley Guess (now the fourth year), when participants were asked to guess, by donating £1.00, the value of the contents of the trolley.
The winner was Mr A Rodford of Woodwalton who came within 15p of the correct value of £157.89.
This was a fund raising event for Rotary supported local charities including, Huntingdon Music School, Sallowbush Youth Centre, Young Carers, Community Service Awards to school pupils and the children's outing days to Wimpole Hall.
Our thanks our due to members of the public for their support and to Waitrose for donating part of the trolley contents which allowed us to raise well over £650.00

In the picture are, (from left to right), Paul Wells, Geoff Burniston of Rotary, Carla Mathewson of Waitrose and Mike Baker of Rotary

Paul Wells

MS Wheel & Walk 2009. "The net figure raised from this year’s event was a surprising £11,000 + another £645 was raised on the 6 MS branch stalls. Bedford, Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon, Kettering, Peterborough MS branches + Addenbrookes MS Neuroscience Dept are all getting £1,500 each with Luton £250. This could not have been done without your support so please convey my thanks to your members who helped on the day. I confess my guilt about Maggie being out in the woods for 4 hours without any backup makes me feel very bad". Tony Collett (extract from letter)

Here are some pics of the GSE visit evening meeting on 24 September, a very worthwhile event for both team members and club members. The team were excellent ambassadors for their country.

Here are some pics of the Safari Lunch held on 6 September, it was considered a very good event and we rasied a total of £300, if you add to this the Bill Gates contribution it amounts to a total value of about £600.00

Maggie's Tea Party - 16th August.

Community & Vocational Committee - Historical Town Centre Walk in Huntingdon 12th August
Members, partners & friends gather to hear David Couzens.

Community and Vocational Project Park Lane, PPs Mike and Paul gather wood from the Dear estate. No awards but rewards in the form of sustenance from Lady Dear's kitchen.

Community and Vocational Awards, 30 July. From top left - Julie White, Pat Wells-Johnson, Mike Taylor and Clive and Evadne Maile receive their certificates from President Geoff.

Visit by District Governor Dick Parsley to the Club on 23 July.

8 July 2009

Presidents' handover 3 July 2009

Visit to Flag Fen on 30 June - another hat occasion!

Which hat do you prefer?

RI Convention, Birmingham UK June 2009

"Paxton Pits Nightingale Walk", which took place on Wednesday, 27th May evening. The first image shows the attending Rotarians and friends are listening to Nightingales' songs.
Our tour instructor Paul is on the front left. Our new Rotarian Leslie Pollock's daughter Kirsten is on the wheel chair beside her guide dog, Maisy.
The 2nd image gives a general view of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve.

Six representatives from our club attended the District (RIBI D-1070) Assembly at the Loughborough University on Saturday 9th May. There were nearly 500 delegates.
Rotary Club of Huntingdon Hinchinbrooke President Rotarian Dee Wormald joined us during lunch time.
Rotarian Tarak Ghosh gave an "End Polio Now" presentation at the Foundation section of the assembly.

2 April. Gordon Townsend, Fire Service Historian, gave a very interesting talk on the role of the fire service during the second world war illustrated with many rescued photos, original apparatus and models of equipment.

The induction of Lesley Pollock into the Club.

Cheque presentations 9th April 2009

Lucy Francklin, (left) Project Manager for Young Carers and Crossroads received a cheque for £1000. Ms MacKenzie, (right) Office Manager of The Huntingdon Gym Club received £500 for their building fund and £300 for the annual bursary to help young gymnasts with their expenses.